About Viltu læra íslensku?

Viltu læra íslensku is a 21-episode dramatised television series which takes place in a variety of private homes, official locations and in a classroom. Each episode takes about twenty minutes and is in two parts. In the first part the viewer sees people at work and play, and the second part shows an Icelandic lesson in a classroom. The emphasis is on the spoken language.

On the webpage where each episode is to be found, a summary of its content is provided in English, Icelandic, Polish and Spanish. Additionally, the episodes have Icelandic subtitles which can also be found on the webpage.

The episodes were originally shown on Icelandic television in 2003. Their producer is Jón Hermannsson at Tefra Films, and they are based on an idea by Mike Handley.

In 2008 the Ministry for Culture and Education acquired the distribution and internet publication rights to the episodes. They have been used in teaching around Iceland  for several years, and will finally be published on the internet at the close of 2010.

The episodes are protected by copyright laws. Anyone is free to watch, discuss, quote or refer to any of the episodes, but copying of the whole, or any part of an episode is strictly forbidden.

Photos in the header are by Jude pics and Neil D’Cruze sourced from Flickr Commons.

Elke Noeske how provided the German translation of this website is thanked for the contribution.

Translations of the episodes into further languages would be very welcome. Any information in connection with the series may be sent to: tungumalatorg@gmail.com