“A different photo album”

Skills: Writing English; using online dictionaries; creative work; Creative Commons label; presenting skills

Group Size: depends on the number of available computers

Individual or pair work
Prep Time: 10-30 min
Working Time: 1-2 lessons
Interest Level: 7th – 10th grade
Ability Level: elementary and higher

This tool can be find here:

Using bookr is easy and fun. One of the most important outcomes of this exercise is introducing the Creative Commons label to the students.

First students read teacher´s instruction. They choose images from the database that are not protected by © copyright. Under each image, they write short captions.

They can add pages to their album as they like. Also, it is possible to edit pictures in a simple way. In the end, students publish their album and send the link (for example) to the teacher´s email.

During some of the following lessons students present their albums. Usually, they don´t like to stand in front of their classmates and talk in English, but both bookr and glogster are just different.

Here are some examples of our work: