Home-test for A2 – B2

This is a personalized test. You and you alone have something to say about the content.

  • You sit at home (or at school or at the library) and work on your test.
  • You are allotted a specific time-frame to work on and finish your assignments, for example 24 hours. It is up to your teacher.
  • You can work on the assignments from the given start point and you must deliver them on time, i.e. before dead-line.
  • You can use all resources you have at hand: dictionaries, your portfolio, your learning diary and text-book.
  • You send the finished product by e-mail to your teacher – before dead-line.
  • It is important that the test i related to subjects you have been working on in school and you eventually have stored in your portfolio.
  • The schedule is tight – you must work hard! 

This test is an effort to give the student a possibility to show what he/she can do – given time. It is designed for a mixed, multylevel group of students and has proven to give everyone a chance to shine.