On-line Courses from British Council

Schools, boards of education, and even whole countries (such as Iceland) can sign teachers up to take in-depth courses in various aspects of English teaching, such Learning Technologies for the Classroom and/or Primary Essentials, to name only two examples.

In Learning Technologies for the Classroom, teachers receive training in all sorts of technologies that can be used to make learning more effective. Examples include teaching students to use wikis to write collaborative projects, and creating videos on their school that the kids post on YouTube for the whole world to enjoy. (Included is also lots of useful information in being web-savvy in this sometimes nasty world.)

Primary essentials has been designed for teachers who find themselves teaching young learners English, yet have no training in this extremely demanding job.

These courses cost about Ikr. 12.000 per participant (assuming that we could get 16 participants to sign up). In this context, FEKÍ will make the case to education authorities in Iceland that such courses deserve central funding.