Projects B1+

Target group: Intended for students that have advanced skills in English – B1 – B2 as described in the Common European Framework for Reference (CEFR).

Age-group: The material has successfully been used with young people in the above target groups at the age of 14 – 16. The maturity of the students determines the depth of the outcome.

Organization: Traditional class environment, individual distance study or as a part of distributed learning.


  • An Individual Photo Album has four focus areas: choosing a theme, planning the photo display, taking the pictures and arranging them and creating a descriptive text to each picture.
  • Book Choice Project  is not to actually read a book,  but to read what others (publishers‘ magazines and people who have read the books) have to say about them, and based on this information, to make decisions about choosing a book to read.
  • Book Reading and Creative Writing has four parts intended to enhance purposeful reading and vocabulary building as well as encouraging creative writing.
  • Outdoor Classroom is a project that focuses on interdisciplinary teaching combining the learning of English with history, geography and geology within the students’ closest environment.
  • Poetry Project has five parts that proceed from a study of lyrics of popular songs to study a well- known classical poem and combines words, sound and pictures.
  • Who are these people anyway? This project has four parts in which teenage cultures are seen from different points of view, stereotypes looked at and compared to the reality of today’s teenagers.

Evaluation Rubrics

Each part of each project/task has got its own rubric – especially designed for the content and the expectations.

With the complements of the staff at Tungumálaver and Laugalækjarskóli.