Lesson number 2

 The fashion show. I bring clothes from the drama room for those who did not bring their own from home. Then I tell them to get ready for the fashion show.  Remember –  this is all in English. While they get dressed I find a CD player and get some music ready and make room for the catwalk (another new word I introduce). Then I walk around and talk to them in English and take pictures of them.

I explain what they are supposed to do with sentences like: “you are the models, you have to be quiet”, “you walk down the catwalk with music and stop by the wall and pose. When the music stops you say what you are wearing and then I will take your picture, then walk back”.

If someone behaves badly or doesn’t want to participate then you can let that person be the DJ. That’s a very important job so remember to take his picture as well.

Then put the music on and start the fashion show! Ask everyone when they stop what they are wearing and take their picture.

After the fashion show I always take a group picture with them wearing their clothes.

At the end the children change clothes again and clean up the room.