1. Getting Started

Visit your school library or local library and pick out a book that you like the looks of. You can ask the librarian to recommend something for you, if you want. Just remember that the book you choose may be on any topic, but it MUST be unsimplified. Sit down and page through it, to make sure that it really does appeal to you. It is unbelievably difficult to read a boring book!

You can also go to the Gegnir website online (www.gegnir.is) and look up authors you’ve always wanted to read. See if the Icelandic public library system has any books by them, which ones, and which library has them. Online, you can order them to be sent to your library from any other! If they are out, you can ask your librarian to assist you.

Send an email to your teacher, telling her/him the title of your book, the type/genre; love-story, detective story, fantasy, horror story, etc., the author and how you found it.

When the teacher has received assignments 1 and 2 from you, you can start on the remaining assignments, 4 and 5.