Write and analyze

Task Three:

Make a profile of a teen-ager seen from your own point of view, eg. The teen-ager depicted in these articles does not belong to the X-Generation, but on the contrary the Autonomous Generation…. Submit it in an e-mail to your teacher. 

Task Four:

Write your own article. (Or you can write a short story, if you prefer.) Please write three to five paragraphs on the following:

These articles that you have read refer to American teenagers. Think about the teen culture in your own community. Compare the ideas expressed in the articles to those you find in your own community. Find differences between your own community and other places you have lived, either in Iceland or abroad.

Submit your article in an e-mail to your teacher.

Task Five:

Choose ten words from the articles you read, which you either didn‘t know, or weren‘t sure about before you read them. Work with them as you did in your book project.


  • The meaning of the word in English.
  • Its translation in Icelandic – or else an explanation in Icelandic, if there is no exact translation
  • Use each word in a sentence of your own making. You may use more than one word in a sentence, if it makes it more interesting for you.

Submit your vocabulary assignment to your teacher by e-mail.

Task Six:

Write a self-evaluation as you have done for your other projects. Include all the tasks involved.

Submit it to your teacher by e-mail.