4. After You Finish Reading Your Book

Choose one of the ideas for a project here below. Send an e-mail to your teacher and let her/him know which project you have chosen, and why. How does the project idea fit the book you read?

  • Dear Diary! Create a diary or journal and write at least five entries that might have been written by a character in the book you read. The entries can be spaced in any way you like, but must show that you read and appreciated the book.
  • Thumbs up/Thumbs down!  Write a review of the book you just finished reading – in the style of a movie review. Conclude by awarding ‘thumbs up’ or thumbs down’ on the book. You must be persuasive, and refer to parts of the book to make your case: what was good, what was bad?
  • Write a letter. Imagine you are a character of your book and write a letter this character might have written at any given point of time to someone else (a character in the book or an invented character, e.g. a pen pal, an old friend or a family member).
  • Interview a character. Compose ten to fifteen questions to ask a main character in the book you read. Also write the character’s responses to each question. The questions and answers should provide information that shows you read and appreciated the book.
  • A different point of view. Write your own version of the story´s ending (or some other part of the story). What would you have done differently?
  • Create a comic book. Turn your book, or an important part of it, into a comic book, complete with comic-style illustrations and dialogue bubbles.

Other good options. 

  • Make a relationship map if your book is very complicated, with lots of characters.
  • Write a poem based on the book you read.
  • Make a timeline if the story happens over a very long period of time, with many things happening at once and the action changing time periods a lot.
  • Write a play based on your favourite part of the book.
  • Write a news story based on an exciting episode in the story. Don’t forget the headline!
  • You’re the teacher! Make a test for the next person who reads the book! Test the entire book and include the answers. Use one or more testing methods that you are familiar with, or think up a new one!

Finally, if you have another idea on how to work with the book, let me know and we can discuss your ideas! Good ideas are always appreciated!