Who are these people anyway?

Read and browse

Follow the link to a section of The New York Times newspaper online called Teens and Ann Powers´ thoughts about the same issue.

Task One:

Click on the link marked Who Are These People Anyway? Read the article. None of the kids mentioned is what many would consider a „typical teenager“. Write a paragraph to explain why.

  • Submit this explanation to your teacher by e-mail, and go on to the next step of the project.
  • Skim through all the other articles and choose at least three to read well that apply or appeal to you as a teen-ager.
  • Read them thoroughly.

Task Two:

Take notes and use the following questions to aid you in your selection of information and points of view:

  • What are the main characteristics of the kids in these articles?
  • Are there any gender differences?
  • Are there any differences due to age?
  • Are there differences due to circumstances?
  • What is positive about their lifestyle?
  • What is negative?
  • What problems do they face?
  • What are their future prospects?

Submit your notes on the above questions in an e-mail to your teacher. Then go on to the next step.