“An effective learning and teaching tool”

Skills: Writing English; using online dictionaries; creative work; presenting skills; time management skills.

  • Group Size: depends on the number of available computers
  • Individual work
    Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Working Time: 1-2 lessons Interest Level: 7th – 10th grade
    Ability Level: elementary and higher

This tool can be found here:

Using Lino It is fun. You remind yourself of things-to-be-done with colorful sticky notes and photos that you can move around on a virtual canvas. No pins needed!

Students follow teacher´s instruction in creating their own message board.

Good instruction is also available on the homepage of Lino:

–          Instructions online i.e. here (slides)

Registration is necessary if the canvas ought to be saved. Students can organize their homework, freetime, or make plans for summer holidays.

If required, they send the link (for example) to the teacher´s email, or they save the canvas in their folder in the school´s common space.

The canvases can later be presented in English classes.

Here is an example.