“Making a poster without paper, glue and scissors”

Skills: understanding, reading and writing English; looking for resources on the internet; creative work; presenting skills.

Group Size: depends on the number of available computers
Prep Time: 10-30 min
Working Time: 2-3 lessons
Interest Level: 7th – 10th grade
Ability Level: lower intermediate and higher

This wonderful tool is to be found at glogster.

Glogster allows students to use pictures, photos, music, audio- and video files, text, links to other websites, links to social networks etc. Ready posters can be shared with friends, used for presentations etc.

Glogster offers a safe space for educators and it is used by many teachers. Students need to register in the beginning.

Students get the possibility to work independently, or in pairs, at the computer. They search for resources and use their creativity to produce a poster on a given topic, or a self-selected topic.

The teacher needs to prepare a worksheet with information for the students. I keep these in the common folder of the school computers. Every class has a folder designated to themselves and every student a subfolder where he / she saves all his / her computer work.

I used glogster in two 8th grades last year and in two 8th grades this year. Students enjoyed working at the project and they agreed that this tool can be used outside of the English class. In the end, they gladly presented their achievements to the class.