Music and Songs

Music and rhythm have been with mankind since the beginning. Every person enjoys music in one way or another which makes it a helpful and popular tool for teachers. Children learn through songs, that is their innate ability and they need it for their development.

Songs offer a great variety of learning opportunities. They awaken positive emotions and enhance learning outcome. They are natural to children and thus learning the language is natural, too. Using songs in classes can be presented as a TPR (total physical response) activity which suit young learners´ classroom.

Through songs, words, phrases, even whole sentences are memorized and incorporated. Songs support both passive learning (listening, reading lyrics) and active production of language (speaking, singing). They make repetition a treat. If song is chosen well, students desire to hear and sing it again and repetition does not become an unappealing drill.

Through songs teacher can introduce, revise, or deepen vocabulary and / or grammar scheduled for lessons.