S-M-S in English

Objectives: To make students aware of the difference between sms and formal language

Competence-level: A1-A2

Organisation: group-work, individual work, homework


  • pretask: students are asked to decipher a message, e.i. ICU B4 8 :-+ ; discussion about mobile phones
  • main-task: students get a list with abbreviations and emoticons, read them and talk about them
  • follow up I: students are asked to send one sms message to the teacher´s phone; the SMS must include one or more of the above abbreviations
  • follow up II: teacher makes a list of the received sms messages and asks students in the following class to decipher them


hi-how-r-u (examples of messages from students)

© Renata Emilsson Pešková, English teacher in Hlíðaskóli