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Welcome to Viltu læra íslensku? On this page you will find twenty one television episodes of Icelandic lessons. Each episode deals with daily life and common situations in Iceland. Accompanying every episode is a thorough summary, explaining the subject of the episode. The episodes have Icelandic subtitles, making the dialog easier to follow.

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1. The Guest

2. At the Dentist’s

3. On the Bus and at the Bank

4. Swimming

5. On Iceskates

6. At the Emergency Room

7. At the Chemist’s

8. At the Fish Shop

9. At the Zoo and Family Park

10. At the Grocery Store

11. Looking for an Apartment

12. At the Building Goods Store

13. At the Bakery

14. Household Chores

15. The Car

16. The Family Travels

17. Fitness Training

18. At School

19. On a Trip

20. At a Restaurant

21. At an Old People’s Home